International Projects

Tall city buildings and a plane flying overhead
St. Petersburg city

Worldwide Market

Global Insulation Logistics Ltd was formed specifically to cater for the insulated construction market on a worldwide basis. The undertaking of projects overseas is a very specialist area of operations; it not only requires an in depth knowledge of the services you provide, but also the capacity and confidence to take this knowledge and deliver it to an environment that could be immensely different to the UK market.

Diplomacy and understanding of local customs

This type of specialist contracting requires an understanding of different cultures and a sensitivity to local customs. It also requires an inherent desire to succeed, but not at the cost of those in the community to which you serve, it requires a degree of lateral thinking in order to overcome the lack of local resources, and it requires the inevitable need for diplomacy when wisdom becomes the tool of appeasement.

Our company has the necessary knowledge and experience to undertake projects overseas, and has a proven track record of delivery that which allows the company to boast that it has truly “Expanded the Boundaries of Insulated Construction”.

Successful international projects

Global Insulation has successfully delivered international projects for in-flight catering facilities at Gate Gourmet in Nino Aquino Airport, Manila and large telecom switch rooms as part of the Cable & Wireless European rollout in Berlin and Marseilles. Global Insulation Logistics has also supplied and installed UPS and server rooms within the AMEX facilities in Moscow and St Petersburg; we have constructed soft drink facilities supplying Saudi Arabia and the Arab Nations, in Cyprus, and carried out refurbishments to catering facilities in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Such was our success in East Asia and the Pacific Rim, that we now have full time representation in both Hong Kong and Manila.